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In January of 2016, the Los Angeles Renegade Rollergirls made the decision to begin training in the WFTDA style of Roller Derby. The LA Renegades feel that by doing this, they are living up to the Renegade motto of, "Any surface, any rule set, anytime!!" By doing this, the team hopes that they can bring a new found respect in the Roller Derby Community for anyone who chooses to play by different rule sets, and to show that all styles take skill and hard work.

Their goal is continue to live up to the teams credo, “Day by Day, WE get Better and Better, until we can’t be beat, until we WON’T BE BEAT!”

How The Game is Played:


The objectives of roller derby are relatively simple.  Each team fields a single point scoring skater ("Jammer") whose object is to lap as many opposing skaters as they can. 

The remaining skaters who aren't scoring points work both on offense and defense at the same time -- to block the opposing Jammer and to clear a path for their own Jammer. 

Well-played roller derby requires agility, strength, speed, control, peripheral vision, communication, and teamwork.


(see video for basic game play guildlines)

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