The Los Angeles Renegade Rollergirls are the Los Angeles area’s Premier Flat Track Renegade Roller Derby Team, consisting of fast paced, No Penalties, Full Contact, No Holds Barred Roller Derby. Founded in 2011 by Destructo Dolly, and Jersey Vicious, the Los Angeles Renegades have adopted an ethos of hard work and family values to carry their team to new heights, and have quickly made a name for themselves as a force to be reckoned within the Renegade League.

The Los Angeles Renegades are a skater-owned and operated, not for profit league. We strive to inspire women by promoting the physical and mental strength, athleticism and beauty of women of all shapes and sizes playing an aggressive, full contact sport.Our skaters progress in this sport by way of discipline, dedication, and sisterhood. Roller derby is hard work. It’s not just cute socks and saying “I play roller derby”. To be a successful roller derby athlete, you must have determination and a good attitude. As a Team, the Los Angeles Renegades embrace the saying “Day by Day, WE get Better and Better, until we can’t be beat, until we WON’T BE BEAT!”


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